Beauty from Ashes: Betty's Bay, Cape Town - Blank-Canvas
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Beauty from Ashes: Betty’s Bay, Cape Town

This wonderful couple took the phrase “beauty from ashes” quite literally and did not let the devastating Betty’s Bay fires deter them from their dream to get married there. The ruins of their beloved family holiday home became the canvas upon which we created their most special day and it was truly something magical!

Tim (all the way from Australia) and Leanie met years ago in a pub in Cape Town and through lots of perseverance (ironically, also the name of aforementioned pub) kept their relationship alive over distance and time. When they finally had the opportunity to settle in the same city, they knew it was meant to be forever.

They had spent many special holidays together in Leanie’s family’s holiday home in Betty’s Bay and decided to get married in the Botanical Gardens close by. When we started the planning process with them, this was where it began. We were all caught unawares when the fires swept through the region and first took the gardens and then, sadly, their home as well.

But this was a special couple, with a  very special family who saw the potential and the absolute beauty of using the ruins of this home (something that signifies the past and moments that have been lived) to create a new beginning for this couple (signifying the start of a new life and a wonderful future!)

It was all hands on deck – the bride’s parents played such a vital role in this whole fairytale, taking charge of the demolition of any unsafe areas of the property and the final clean-up that would give us our venue. We also did a few site inspections with vendors to make sure all the i’s where dotted and t’s crossed.

The end result surprised us all. Out of total destruction, came the most beautiful celebration of life and love – thanks to a family who could see past the devastation of the moment and dare to dream of something more.


Wedding planning and co-ordination – Blank Canvas Event Design

Photography – Kyle Krige Photography

Flowers- Dear Idea

Furniture – Urbantonic

Lights – In & Out