Let Love Grow - A Poetic Photoshoot | Blank Canvas
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Let Love Grow – A Poem

Sowing this most fragile seed

In a garden full of weeds

I tend to it most carefully

Till my fingers crack and bleed


I watch as it takes root and grows

To the sunlight turns its face

And when the winds begin to blow

It stirs and sways with grace


Strength seeps into my weary heart

Sorrows begin to slowly part

As it sings to me of hope and peace

And I find my mind at ease


So I let love grow bright as the sun

Till the weeds of hurt are all but gone

I lie in fields of radiant hues

And I’m safe till life is done




Concept & styling and LOVE table: Blank Canvas Event Design

Photography:Debbie Lourens

Geometric copper pipe lights and copper pipe stands: Something Different Concepts

Flowers: Dear Idea

Hair and make-up: Mathilde Professional Hair and Make-up

Venue: Diamant Estate

Models: Ian van der Westhuizen and Benike Palfi

Suit: Moi Styling

Corset: Chantel de Bruyn Design