Petra & Reagan's celebration: Mosaic Sanctuary, Stanford - Blank-Canvas
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Petra & Reagan’s celebration: Mosaic Sanctuary, Stanford

Petra, my husband and Margaux used to go to the same dance academy (many, many years ago…) She since moved to the USA, where she met Reagan. When she got engaged and called us up, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of their celebration in South Africa. They wanted to showcase the beauty of Africa to the guests who would travel in and celebrate with Petra’s family on local soil.

The day before the wedding, at around 15:00, load shedding struck and one of the electricity boxes in Hermanus caught fire and burnt out. The domino effect was quite something! There was no power, water or cellphone reception all the way from Hermanus to Pringle Bay and the generator on the farm (that worked perfectly well the day before) suddenly decided to give up the ghost as well. For hours, we were not really certain what the real problem was and we fully expected the power to just come back on again (and bring the water supply and cellphone reception with it.) That was not to be the case…

The guests enjoyed a lovely pre-wedding braai by candle light, sitting around the fires, sharing stories and enjoying the true South African cuisine. The next morning, urgent calls were being made to get a generator from Cape Town that would be able to bear the load of the entire farm. At this point, it also started raining softly and my heart broke for the poor couple! Yet, they were both calm and happy, getting ready for the afternoon’s celebration with smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts.

At 15:45, the generator arrived on the farm and everything roared back to life, just in time for guests to get ready and the bride to walk down the aisle. The groom sang her in with a song he composed specially for her and the rain let up just long enough for the ceremony to take place.

Despite the challenges, this couple showed us what a wedding is really all about – not perfection or everything running smoothly, but the pure love between two people and the celebration of a new union with family and friends.


Planning and co-ordination: Blank Canvas Event Design

Venue: Mosaic Sanctuary, Stanford

Photography: Aglow

Hair and make-up: Marnel Toerien

Videography: MVR

Flowers, decor, lights: Four Every Event